Stephen Jenkinson

EP 136: Spirit Work, Conspiracies, Elderhood and Grief with Stephen Jenkinson, Part Two

In the second of two episodes, Kimberly and Stephen discuss the roles of parents, grandparents and godparents in raising children. They attend to what might be some of the consequence of this gross fracturing of a sense of commons in the surge of conspiracy theories. And they wander through the territory of elderhood, grief, and awakening in a hope-free world.
Starting Nov. 7th, we will have a live 5 part continuation of this conversation on Sunday mornings, learn more here.


What You’ll Hear:

—The role of parenting

—Grandparenting is not elder hood

—Elderhood or grandparenting or godparenting

—Opioids- the longing after beauty- “anesthetic”

—Seeking not after approval but for blessing

—If you choose to choose the world or you, give them to the world

—Parents are in charge of custodial duties- the janitors

—Closeness and intimacy belies the suspicion of distance

—What was everyone on about before there was a vaccine

—Euthanasia is consistent with death-phobia

—A personal truth? and the I-focus

—Conception of God, the serenity prayer

—Crisis- the imagined possibilities are frayed and are no more

—There’s a clarity comes with crisis that obliges you that’s not available when you are feeling fine

—Grief and brokenheartedness in a culture that believes in wholeness only

—Fundamental addiction to self-determination

—Consequence of this gross fracturing of a sense of commons will last far longer than the conspiracy itself

—Heartbreak is how you cleanse yourself of prejudices, you do not rid yourself of them

—Origin of our capacity for gratitude

—Labor on behalf of a better day without hope

—We don’t need people who have an answer for everything

—A healthy respect for the unknown

—Meaning of the word “Awake”- of the web of consequence that fanned out from everything you did and did not do, and you did and did not say

—What is the sound upon awakening that we make?

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