EP 159: Non-Dual Reality, Boundaries, Attachment & Core Energetics with Ishita Sharma


In this conversation, Kimberly and Ishita wonder together about non-dualism, embodiment, culture, ancestral heritage, and more. They discuss Ishita’s approach to non-dualism which holds both consciousness of energy while being connected to the body in the present moment. While many spiritual teachings dismiss the body, the body holds wisdom and energy, particularly through the nervous system. Ishita proposes that the nervous system is energy at its core, and we understand the energetic layers and boundaries of our nervous systems, energies, and others’. They also discuss spiritual teachings, cultural differences between India and the U.S., and varying cultural practices as evidence of universal principles.



Ishita Sharma serves as a mentor, mirror and activator to those who wish to better our world. She helps them embody their truest purpose while rising beyond ego-centric paradigms through her work of Come to Center. Ishita has coached leaders from Google, Harvard, MIT, Silicon Valley startups and multinationals. Clients come to her to grow and heal through their deepest challenges and longings while held in their perfect wholeness. They include seekers and scientists, therapists and coaches, visionaries and creatives, CEOs and incarcerated youth.


What She Shares:

—Non-duality and embodiment

—Holding space for vulnerability and grief

—Energy of the nervous system

—Culture and ancestral lineages


What You’ll Hear:

–Holding space for others in grief and anger

–Showing up naked and vulnerable

–Recognition of one’s own suffering

–Being honest and curious in the journey

–Showing up vulnerable for ourselves and the moment

–Non-dual awareness without spiritual bypassing

–Growing up in India compared to living in the West

–Dissociation, non-awakened states very problematic

–Confusion around what awakening is

–Many turn to spirituality to turn from trauma sometimes creating conflict

–Energetics connecting with nervous system

–Field to field interaction

–Energy to energy interaction

–Nervous system is electrical impulses

–How to get with what is

–Holding both particularities and universalities

–Most of us lost in our ordinary minds (thoughts, emotions, physicality)

–Holding messiness of being human

–Body holding information versus being untrustworthy in spiritual circles

–Dangers of speaking about truths that can only be experienced to be known

–Masculine-focused spirituality bypassing wisdom of the body

–Rejection of boundaries which should be honored (personal, interpersonal, physicality, etc)

–Being in sync with what is not resisting

–Over-valuing teachers and spiritual leaders

–Lack of secure attachment in US culture

–Lack of community, base to sit on, foundation in US culture as opposed to other cultures

–Universe is here to support me not antagonize me

–Lack of co-regulation in US culture

–Ancestral influences in culture that lacks knowledge of ancestry

–Void and absence over generations present in us now

–Principles of universe across time and culture

–Owning what we are ancestrally before learning others


–Basics course for embodied meditation



Website: https://cometocenter.com/

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