EP 171: Friendships, Desire, and Healthy Attachments with Deborah Bagg


In this episode, Kimberly and Deborah discuss friendships, desire, and healthy attachments. Deborah explains her experience with having a large capacity for many friendships and how her clients often discuss issues around finding and keeping lasting friendships. They discuss how our original wounds seek out repair in patterns that often appear in friendships, as well as how the pandemic changed many relationships and friendships. Deborah debunks the myth that healing, love, and growth happen individually to assert that we are wired from birth for secure attachment, love, and attention. Friendship can be an opportunity to help us acknowledge past wounds, seek out ways for resolution, and grow as more whole and healed beings.



Deborah Clare Bragg is a somatic psychotherapist, yoga teacher, doula, and practitioner of feminine arts. She graduated from Naropa University with a masters in somatic psychotherapy. Alongside her therapy work, she teaches yoga at Love is Juniper and is hosting an upcoming Friendship Workshop which starts on November 17th and can be accessed through the link on the website below.


What She Shares:

–Why it’s hard for women to make friends

–Tending to original wounds and repairs

–Attachment styles in friendship

–Impact of the pandemic on friendship

–Secure attachment and community

–Deb’s upcoming Friendship Workshop


What You’ll Hear:

–Hesitancy around discussing friendship

–Attending to previous ruptures in friendships from adolescence

–Pains leading to narratives around female friendships

–Knowing our capacity for friendship

–Honoring desire and vulnerability

–Making bids and invitations

–Tolerance for rejection

–Discerning when friendship is worth conflict or not

–Patterns of conflict avoidance

–Including and excluding

–Alchemy variations in different groups

–Different attachment styles in friendship

–Repetition and compulsion

–Original wounds searching for repair in patterns

–Impact of the pandemic on friendships

–Experiencing major life changes and friendships

–Debunking the myth of loving self before loving others

–Interconnection and healthy attachment

–Feeling safe as children and in friendships

–Sickness individualization

–Picking a community that reflects love and value

–Taking stock of people in our lives

–Breakout rooms and flight responses

–Rejection and secure attachment

–Friendship Workshop starts November 17th



Website: https://www.loveisjuniper.com/

IG: @loveisjuniper

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