EP 172: Wildness, Embodiment, and the Feminine Needed in Our Time, “The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck”

In this episode, Kimberly talks with Elizabeth Marglin, Niki Dewart, co-authors of “The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck,” and Jenny  Kostekci-Shaw, artist of the deck. They discuss how the deck came to fruition, its roots and connection to motherhood, and the publishing process of the deck. They also discuss the rich meaning behind wildness, the sacred feminine, and embodiment, as well as their individual creating processes while mothering. At the end of their episode, they pull a card for the collective with a powerful message of traversing through these difficult times.



Elizabeth Marglin, M.A. is the coauthor of The Mother’s Wisdom Deck with Niki Dewart. Elizabeth is a journalist and writing coach who writes for publications such as Yoga Journal and Spirituality & Health. Marglin lives in Colorado. Niki Dewart writes books, designs sacred spaces, and leads rituals and retreats that nurture the feminine soul. Jenny Kostecki-Shaw is a national award-winning author and illustrator, a homesteader, and a mother.

What They Share:

–Motherhood and “The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck”

–Wild, Elemental, Archetypal and Divine suits in the deck

–Wildness, embodiment, and Spirit

–Creative processing while mothering

–Reading of a card for the collective


What You’ll Hear:

–The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck

–Wanting to create a deck for mothers

–Publishing process with Shambhala

–Expanding deck from mother’s wisdom to all aspects of the feminine

–Meaning behind the title “Wild and Sacred Feminine”

–Decision on four suits and feminine within each

–Wild, Elemental, Archetypal, and Divine

–Jenny’s process of artwork for the deck

–Meaning behind 52 cards in the deck

–Multicultural approach to card selection

–Using ritual to create the deck

–Importance of Inanna

–Elizabeth and Niki’s reactions to Jenny’s artwork

–Embodying the Shapeshifter and fluidity

–Incorporating the Wolf into the deck

–Jenny surprised by her own artwork

–Mothering and the creative process

–Creating space away to write and create

–Wanting to offer other mothers shorter readings

–Creating the deck at the beginning of the pandemic

–Weaving pandemic, spiritual life, and mothering into the deck

–Jenny’s creative process while mothering

–Facing struggle trying to find art in early motherhood

–Kimberly’s process getting Fourth Trimester cards published

–Writing the How to Use guide

–Kimberly’s use of decks

–Using decks intermittently or frequently

–Co-authoring the deck and collaborating with art

–Building meaning through collaboration versus individually

–Deck to bring us into soul wholeness

–Message of embodiment and spirit to matter through the feminine

–Drawing a card from “The Wild and Sacred Feminine” deck

–Collective question around our relationship to the earth and traversing these times

–Reading of the card



Website: https://www.shambhala.com/the-wild-and-sacred-feminine-deck.html

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