EP101: Feminism, Sex Positivity, and Finding Joy in the Pandemic with Pam Samuelson

What Pam Shares:

  • The importance of understanding our bodies and why self-exploration is crucial
  • Feminism as it relates to social empowerment and education
  • Embodied sex education- Take Back the Speculum


What You’ll Hear:

  • What feminism is right now
  • How to overcome being disempowered sexually
  • Understanding what sex positivity really means 
  • “Take Back the Speculum”
  • How understanding your body can change your life
  • Self-pelvic mapping
  • Menstrual extraction- what is it and who does it?
  • 2nd wave of Feminism
  • Depictions of clitoral anatomy in textbooks
  • Sex education in schools, and the switch from reproductive education to whole human education
  • The importance of touch, and learning to cope during quarantine
  • Finding joy in the opportunities this pandemic has provided


Summary: Pam Samuelson, a close friend and educator/bodyworker at Embodywork, joins us to talk about feminism, understanding your sexual body, and how to make the steps towards knowing yourself more intimately. Pam discusses the importance of carrying on the feminist conversations started by the founders of the movement, and how we as a whole can improve the status quo.


Bio: Pam Samuelson is a practitioner and advocate of somatic therapy, exploratory bodywork, and meditation. Founder of Embodywork, Pam finds joy in helping others understand their bodies and teaching that transformation is possible if you know how to find it. Pam is an outspoken advocate for female empowerment, still actively in conversations with some of the leaders of feminist movements dating back to the 60’s.




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