EP104: The 2020 Election, Democracy, Supreme Court and What Our Part Is with Dwight Worden

What Dwight Shares:

  • Is this the worst, most contentious election in history?
  • What should we do with our emotions during this time?
  • Why is he spending his retirement working as a Mayor of a small town?
  • How to decide where to donate, where to give money or time
  • The historical role of the Supreme Court?

What You Will Hear:

  • Historical contention during elections
  • Do emotions belong in politics?
  • Most people agree more than they disagree, when we get beyond labels
  • Orienting to blue within politics
  • How to deal with overwhelm when there is so much suffering
  • Acknowledging what is actually possible
  • What to do when you get into the rabbit hole
  • What about homeless people living in Del Mar? What happened with that?
  • Does your vote matter?
  • Small donations matter because candidates need money but they count the people that contribute
  • Democratic National Committee distributes money to the other causes (Senator and Representative candidates
  • What happens if the Senate goes 6-3? What do you think about extending the number of seats?
  • Supreme Court traditionally was conservative and in favor of corporations and business, against the individual
  • The Warren Court changed the court, and we may be going back to pre Warren Court.
  • Echo chambers of news sources and listening to news on both sides.
  • No common source of information any more
  • Learning how to relate beyond labels
  • The US is partially socialist
  • Should we have hope?
  • Progress is sometimes minimizing backsliding
  • Are the debates important? Does this format work?
  • Trump exemplifying an unhealthy fight response in debate- and how we see authority
  • We’ve trained ourselves to expect a game show, not a debate
  • Why running a country is not like run a business

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