EP108: Women, Money, Dependence and the Beginning of a New Era with Clelia Peters

What Clelia Shares:

  • Her journey with money coming from generational wealth
  • Accepted gender roles within her community and her work with Mama Gena and Barbara Stanny
  • Turning point in her journey about her role as a woman came with having an abortion
  • How she came to terms with money, wanting to enter the “marble hall of the daddies,” and getting there

What You’ll Learn:

  • What gender roles look like in communities with generational wealth
  • System of dependence in humanitarian aid paralleled system of dependence of being wealthy and feeling that you will be taken care of
  • Women are outside of the worlds of money + commerce
  • Revenue – costs = profits
  • Assuming she would have a non-accretive job, and a virtuous, non-threatening in dating
  • Thinking business school was a “world of benevolent daddies”
  • Business school is 75% male, 25% female (the one professional school that remains disproportionately male)
  • What business school is really like
  • The shift to be motivated by money and power
  • Interviewing women in business, and if they’d left, why had they left?
  • Shifting structures and logistics in keeping women in workforce, but there is something much more profound than “solving” the logistical problems
  • Generations and stages of feminism in business, the metaphor of a building
  • Few models for feminine leadership
  • Codeshifting women do in corporate jobs
  • Online businesses are operating outside of the core systems of power that exist (real estate, technology, finance)
  • The US is not a true capitalist country, it is a corporatist country
  • We give corporations (not people ) welfare, with bailouts
  • Market-based system, where both people come as empowered transactors
  • What about reparations- how do we level things so people are empowered transactors? How do we level set the system?
  • What rich people really do or think- are they Democrats or Republicans?
  • Economy managed on merits, based on financial outcomes
  • 2500 years of white supremacist patriarchy that we’ve lived in, and we are in a transition
  • Developing a vocabulary of collective questioning
  • Being a channel and gauging with her intuition when deciding whether to invest
  • Why it’s taboo to state your sex within business, even if that may be informing your communication style
  • Does she look for female-run companies to invest in?
  • Masculine as triangle, feminine as a circle

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