EP111: Luisa Muhr on Family Constellations, Ancestral Trauma, and Working Somatically While Online

Luisa Muhr joins me to talk about her work in Family Constellations Therapy, including intergenerational trauma resulting from the holocaust as well as racial trauma within the United States. We talk about the importance of community space in a therapy setting, why working within an energy field is so effective, and staying somatically engaged while online.

What She Shares:

  • What Family Constellations is and how it works
  • The importance of honoring our ancestors and those in our systems
  • How working with the impact of the Holocaust has shaped her work in the world


What You’ll Hear:

  • Working within an energy field
  • Unwinding old patterns through ancestry work
  • The difference between drama therapy and Family Systems
  • Who is included in our family systems
  • The importance of speaking a story out of secrecy
  • The value of processing within community
  • How working with archetypes can help us process and heal
  • Restoring appropriate predator energy
  • Creating space for healing intergenerational social traumas
  • Weaving Family Constellations into your own work
  • Processing beyond the overt narrative
  • The importance of ritual in healing
  • Connecting into the energy field even when separated by geographical distance
  • Identifying what you need
  • Using technology to continue our somatic practices in community
  • The difference between the outer relationship and narrative, and the internal experience
  • Centering yourself in your own healing work
  • How your healing impacts your children



Website: www.familyconstellationsnyc.com
Website: www.luisamuhr.com
IG: @familyconstellations.nyc


Luisa Muhr is a New-York-based artist and healer, specializing in Family & Systemic Constellations. As the descendant of her great-grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, Constellation work has always played an integral part in Luisa’s life. She provides group workshops and one-on-one sessions.

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