EP118: Female Biohacking, Menstrual Cycles, and Reproductive Knowledge for Optimization with Alisa Vitti


Kimberly and Alisa discuss female biohacking as an under-researched field, leaving many women feeling that they aren’t meeting society’s demands. While culture largely operates according to the 24-hour cycle (circadian), the 28-day cycle (infradian) significantly impacts women’s energy, productivity, and overall health. Alisa demonstrates the importance of women understanding their menstrual cycles in relation to food, fitness, and time management to sustain optimal health and vitality.



Alisa Vitti is a woman’s hormone and functional nutrition expert and founder of FLO Living Hormone Center in Manhattan. A graduate from Johns Hopkins and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she is a regular contributor to Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Harper’s Bazaar. She is the author of the best-selling books WomanCode and In the Flo and the creator of MyFLO, the #1 paid period app on iTunes and the first and only period tracking and cycle syncing app. Her work helps women understand the biochemistry of their menstrual cycles in order to sustain efficiency, well-being, and overall health.

What They Share 

  • Differences of hormonal cycles for males and females
  • Prioritizing menstrual cycle’s phases with life activities
  • Benefits of female orgasm


What You’ll Hear

  • Circadian, infradian, and ultradian rhythms
  • Culture prioritizes male hormonal rhythms
  • Male/Female brain patterns
  • Male/Female hormonal patterns
  • Phases of menstrual cycle which align best with responsibilities and activities
  • Food and fitness for menstrual cycle patterns
  • Intermittent fasting differences for men and women

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