EP18: Bern Mendez on Finding the Love You Want

Bern Mendez from YourGreatLifeTV helps women find their soulmates, and it works! He believes in big epic love and helps women get there. I love inviting wonderful men on the podcast. Bern’s heart is as big as the world. I hope you love the conversation as much as I loved having it. I am proud to call Bern a dear friend.

What Bern Shares:

  • Why he works with women (hint: women will save the planet)
  • How standards work: differentiating between what would be nice to have, vs what you need
  • There IS sacrifice in love
  • His view of sex on the first date
  • How to find a good guy (yes, they’re out there, and you can find one if you get uncomfortable/do the work)

What You’ll Hear:

  • Why he works with women & not men (3:28)
  • What is women’s #1 relationship problem? (5:30)
  • Should women lower their standards? (6:55)
  • What happens when we raise our own standards for how we show up in the world (8:40)
  • Why haven’t you met The One? (11:40)
  • How to remove obstacles to your feminine energy (14:00)
  • It’s important to work with the body for lasting change (17:40)
  • What can happen when you have sex on the first date: your heart & vagina vs your mind (19:15)
  • Is it the woman’s job to say “let’s wait?” (25:50)
  • Where are the decent guys? (29:30)
  • The 5% rule (31:45)
  • Navigating online dating (32:15)
  • Look within to find a good guy (32:59)
  • Go places where there are men (34:12)
  • One of Bern’s success stories (39:30)
  • Who gets a love coach? (42:40)
  • You can change, no matter where you are (44:24)

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