EP22: Dr. Kelly Brogan on Childbirth, Motherhood, and Postpartum as a PsychoSpiritual Awakening

“We blame the victim, and medicate her as the only offering.”

Dr. Kelly Brogan is a board-certified non-prescribing psychiatrist. She is the author of NYT Bestseller, A Mind of Your Own. (Get your copy ASAP). She is revolutionizing the way that we view mental health and how people heal. She is a pioneer and a trailblazer and this interview is full of the fire that propels her. I was honored that she shared her own experience of childbirth and motherhood, and why she didn’t think she was “mom material.” 

What You’ll Hear:

  • Kelly went into medicine to serve women
  • The best births are natural births, according to the evidence
  • Her postpartum period was a reckoning, which allowed her to wake up and honor herself
  • We blame the victim, when it comes to postpartum
  • The worst things that happen to us are moments of psycho-spiritual initiation
  • Her tremendous masculine energy, her need to fight for others, and how she wasn’t sure she was mom material


What Kelly Shares:

  • Why women are prescribed antidepressants at double the rate of men (1:34)
  • How she woke up to holistic medicine & spirituality (3:10)
  • Why she had a natural birth (4:00)
  • Her postpartum journey with Hashimoto’s (4:50)
  • The biological reasons autoimmune diseases begin expressing during postpartum (6:49)
  • And the other reasons: postpartum is a reckoning and an opportunity (10:07)
  • Postpartum is a psycho-spiritual awakening (11:33)
  • Restructuring yourself and tapering off psych meds (14:14)
  • What are you stuffing that caused you to go on medication? (16:00)
  • We don’t hold space for fear, and that’s exactly where we need to go (16:25)
  • We meet our true selves in natural childbirth (17:00)
  • Why Kelly didn’t think she was mom material (18:15)
  • Natural home births are the truth (21:10)
  • We need to live what we talk about, to be great practitioners (24:10)
  • The history-making results of Kelly’s program, the Vital Mind Reset (26:25)

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