EP3: Layla Centorrino, the Artemis Woman, on Chakras and Energetics of Childbirth and Postpartum

Magamama interviews Layla Centorrino– a teacher and practitioner for over thirty years including work such as transformational bodywork, counselor, yoga, colon hydrotherapy, shamanism, energy medicine, and psychic clairvoyance.  She is the owner of The Artemis Woman. She is the creator of Conscious Coupling and Uncoupling process, creator and doula of conscious baby-making.

Layla Centorrino is a seasoned wise-woman guide who tracks and accesses information and understanding, helps open blocked channels, heals unseen wounds, and clears or leverages epigenetic and ancestral influences.  As an Artemis Woman, she honors and embraces the deeper mysteries and cycles as a natural part of her intuitive brilliance, wisdom and connection.  Her work illuminates and empowers you to navigate life’s transformational transitions with ease. It cultivates lasting alignment with your internal rhythm, compass and divine callings so you can live life on your terms.  In her decades of personal training, cultivation, private practice and group work she has gathered an amazing magical bag of tools and modalities on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.  She holds a sacred container for your safety and growth.  She remains conscious of your and with you as you work together, whether it is within a group setting or a long-term relationship as your private mentor.  The presence and support she brings serves as a reminder and reflection of your greatness.  

What You’ll Hear:

  • Are the energetic systems of men and women distinct? (1:00)
  • What happens on an energetic level when women become mothers? (2:00)
  • How does my energy now look after childbirth- what happens to the energy system when birth interventions happen? (4:00)
  • How to understand the difference between the root chakra and pelvis, and how they work together (5:00)
  • Preparing your psyche for the baby to be outside of you (9:00)
  • How do you prepare your home, your relationship, finances, and food for the transition of your psyche to become a mother? (11:20)
  • Allowing yourself to close the chakras and re-setting in a new place (20:00)
  • How long does the postpartum experience last on an energetic level? (31:00)
  • Why staying connected energetically is so important to babies’ health (33:00)
  • What can women as new moms do for themselves to reseal their energy and create sovereignty? (39:00)

Connect with Layla Centorrino at theartemiswoman.com

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