EP31: Eileen Rosete on Motherhood, Miscarriage, and Loss

“People don’t know they have the permission to mourn [a miscarriage] the same way they would for someone who had lived longer.”

Eileen Rosete is the founder of Our Sacred Women and a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the mother of one daughter and has experienced two losses, which I was honored to be a part of. This episode is about honoring all kinds of births- how to do that and what that process is like. Eileen has an enormous heart of service and is infiltrating the fashion world with her message “Women Are Sacred.”

What Eileen Shares:

  • Her journey from working as a healer to owning her own business.
  • Her company, Our Sacred Women, and its important mission in today’s world.
  • Her two miscarriages and her intuitive, holistic approach to healing herself afterwards.
  • How our culture does not acknowledge this event like it does with other kinds of loss.
  • Advice to those who have had or are going through a loss.


What You’ll Hear – Eileen Rosete

  • Eileen shares her journey from working as a healer and a clinician to a business owner. (2:10)
  • Her background in volunteering at a crisis hotline and domestic violence shelter, teaching yoga, practicing marriage and family therapy, and most recently the creating her business Our Sacred Women. (2:30)
  • How giving birth to her daughter brought clarity to the mission of her company. (7:30)
  • Her conviction to “create something that would restore women to a place of reverence in our culture.” (8:05)
  • The gems of wisdom from her birth experience that Eileen wants women to know. (9:10)
  • What Eileen did to prepare for her birth that worked. (10:50)
  • How she learned different tools to work with her empathic sensitivity and how this served her during her pregnancy. (12:13)
  • How motherhood changes the nature of the work a woman is available for and how this can bring balance and integrity. (14:42)
  • How she recognized the need for the message “Women are Sacred” to be digestible and found that through her own personal aesthetic. (18:13)
  • Eileen’s experiences with her miscarriages and recovery. (24:05)
  • Her intuitive ceremonies for her babies. (27:16)
  • How long it took to feel healed and ready to welcome another pregnancy. (28:30)
  • How grieving time and the postpartum time both thin the veil between the spirit and material world. How Eileen felt able to feel at peace with and for the spirit of her babies. (29:35)
  • How often miscarriage is treated as too tragic to deal with directly and how Eileen stayed fully present to her experiences. (30:30)
  • People don’t know that they have the permission to mourn this the same way as they would for someone who had lived longer. (32:46)
  • How Eileen is hopeful for a cultural shift that will lead to this loss being revered as much as any other.  (33:50)
  • Her experience as a Filipino-American and how those cultural traditions served her during her postpartum time. (37:35)
  • How Eileen felt during her grieving from her miscarriages. (42:33)
  • The importance difference between Eileen’s approach to her losses and the cultural conditioning around loss. (43:00)
  • Suggestions for self care during and after a loss. (46:58)
  • How touching yourself in a healing way can help you stay connected to and compassionate towards your body. (48:30)
  • Advice for those with friends who may be experiencing a loss. (50:55)
  • Every culture needs people who don’t work to support those who are working. (54:00)
  • If Eileen had a megaphone she would say…(54:39)

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