EP40: Ariel Giaretto on how Somatic Experiencing and Sexual Embodiment Can Change the World

“The way to save the world is more embodiment.”

“Love all of your body just the way it is.”

What You’ll Hear:

  • How somatic experiencing can help us connect to our core self
  • The pervasiveness of “sexuality trauma” in our society
  • The pushback against sexuality in the United States and how it has affected practitioners’ training
  • Ariel’s unique journey to somatic experiencing and what she has learned from over 40 years of being involved in the healing arts

What Ariel Shares:

  • Sexuality trauma and its connection to disembodiment and cultural shame (2:28)
  • Infertility and disembodiment (5:00)
  • Why being sex-positive doesn’t necessarily mean being embodied  (5:58)
  • “Our definition of trauma is so narrow.” (7:30)
  • Birth as a somatic experience (9:40)
  • We are out of touch with our organic, primitive selves (11:08)
  • The role of fear in disembodiment (13:23)
  • The relational aspect of trauma work (20:33)
  • “Sexological body work…everybody needs it!” (23:10)
  • Why is sexuality missing in somatic experience training? (24:00)
  • The pushback against sexuality in the U.S. (31:55)
  • How the collective influences our personal experiences of sexual trauma (38:55)
  • Can trauma and pleasure coexist? (41:10)
  • Somatic experiencing as a guided meditation (46:15)
  • Sexuality work is important for men too! (47:08)
  • The balance between self-responsibility and societal change (52:10)
  • Self-acceptance to change the world (54:38)
  • Her new book (56:49)

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