EP43: Hunter Clarke-Fields on Mindful Parenting and Creativity

In this episode, “Mindfulness mama mentor” Hunter Clarke-Fields talks about the importance of practicing mindfulness in parenting and how she helps stressed-out moms become more grounded in their daily lives. Hunter also shares about her life as an artist and the role that painting played in own pregnancy and entry into motherhood.

Hunter Clarke-Fields is a yoga teacher, “mindfulness mama mentor,” podcaster, mama, and artist who teaches mothers how to implement mindfulness into their parenting. Her Mindful Parenting course helps mamas understand and transform their stress and become more grounded and centered as parents.

What You’ll Hear:

  • All the different hats she balances in her professional and personal lives
  • How she evolved from an art teacher to a mindfulness mentor
  • What parents learn in the Mindful Parenting course

What She Shares:

  • What inspired her to begin painting [03:10]
  • How she learned how to paint [04:00]
  • Pregnancy, Predator vs. prey, and painting [6:41]
  • Female bodies vs. male bodies in art [13:30]
  • Gender norms and kids today [14:15]
  • Technology and parenting [20:30]
  • Breaking bad parenting habits [26:15]
  • “…living what you want your kids to learn” [32:27]
  • The role of painting during her pregnancy and entry to motherhood [34:57]
  • Our actions are influenced by our instincts [36:28]
  • We don’t choose the triggers to our anger [39:20]
  • Bringing mindfulness into parenting [41:10]
  • How her second child differed from her first [43:48]
  • What’s involved in her Mindful Parenting Course [45:47]
  • Her upcoming book [51:20]
  • Where you can find her online [55:10]

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