EP45: Jaiya on Birth, Motherhood, and Erotic Blueprints

Jaiya, a sexological body-worker, educator, and prolific author, discusses the Erotic Blueprint types and the role that they play in our relationships. In this episode, Jaiya shares how own blueprint has shifted throughout her life and details the different characteristics of each of the five blueprint types.

What You’ll Hear:

  • What inspired her work on postpartum health
  • How her sexuality shifted after becoming a mom
  • What the Erotic Blueprints are and why they’re important
  • How she helps individuals understand, feed, and heal their blueprints through the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

What She Shares:

  • The pelvic floor trauma she endured while giving birth to her son 
  • Pressure within the sex-positive community for postpartum sex 
  • “We have multiple sexualities.” 
  • Men and postpartum sexuality
  • What led to her first session with Dr. Ellen Heed 
  • How her Erotic Blueprint changed after having her son 
  • What she learned from her surveys with postpartum women 
  • Talking about sex in contemporary society
  • The difference between her and her partner’s sexuality postpartum 
  • Finally having sex for pleasure
  • The five Erotic Blueprints 
  • Why boundaries are so difficult for Energetics
  • The Sensual’s “superpower” 
  • Not understanding our partner’s Erotic Blueprint can lead to “consent coercion” 
  • Culture and Sexuals’ Erotic Blueprint 
  • Your Erotic Blueprint only shows you where you’re limited 
  • Psychological vs. Sensation-Based 
  • How the Kink Realm helped her find her voice and heal 
  • Erotic Blueprints give us a language to understand our ever-changing sexual maps 
  • Shape-Shifters, erotic sophistication, and capacity for pleasure 
  • Where you can find out more about the Erotic Blueprints and how to find out your own type 
  • Her Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course
  • How our sexuality as a culture is changing 



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