EP47: Kim Anami on Reprogramming for Birth, Sex and Beyond

Kim Anami is a sex and relationship coach, vaginal weightlifter, surfer and mom. With decades worth of experience in Tantra, Taoism, Osho and Transpersonal psychology, she has helped countless women and men heal and maximize their innate sexual nature.

What Kim Shares:

  • How our sexual, emotional and psychological blocks show up in the birth experience
  • The importance of removing these blocks in order to have an empowering birth
  • Orgasmic birth; what it means and how to create the best conditions for having one
  • Preparing for birth with sex; what can orgasms, exploratory sex, and even female ejaculation teach us about giving birth

What You’ll Hear:

  • Why Kim created her new course on birth
  • “The same blocks that show up in birth…are the ones that show up in bed.”
  • Is natural home-birth something that can be taught?
  • How the dominant cultural messages about birth negatively effect women’s birth experiences
  • The importance of doing “due diligence” and educating ourselves
  • Birth injuries are being normalized
  • Women are being deprived of a crucial initiation into greater power and embodiment through giving birth
  • Why emotional, spiritual and psychological blocks must be cleared in order to create an orgasmic birth
  • The history of organized and concerted efforts by gynecologists to discredit home-birth
  • “This requires a counter-cultural look.”
  • Every hormonal release during labor is perfectly orchestrated to create a healthy birth
  • The “cascade of interventions” and how it effects labor and birth
  • Oxytocin is a shy hormone! Why a woman needs to be in a safe, private, intimate environment to have a successful birth
  • Why women have lost confidence in their ability to give birth
  • “If we trust our bodies, our bodies will tell us what to do.”
  • What does orgasmic birth mean?
  • The differences between clitoral, g-spot and cervical orgasms and how this relates to birth
  • Why women need to address their emotional and psychological healing even and especially when they are pregnant
  • The false ideas behind low libido
  • Protection vs. Growth in a relationship
  • “The point when people pass over from pain to pleasure is when they feel fully open, they can trust, they feel safe.”
  • Preparing for birth with sex
  • Kim’s idea of “demon hunting”
  • The importance of birth being empowering instead of demoralizing
  • The difficulty of trying to optimize the birth experience when our day to day lives are over-productive and highly stressful
  • The danger of overriding our body’s signals
  • The need to create ample time and space before and after birth to maximize the potential benefits for both mom and baby
  • Partnership postpartum; an opportunity for “the maturation of what sex is.”
  • Kim’s perspective on the use of jade eggs
  • How unresolved distance in the relationship becomes the perfect excuse to not be sexual after birth
  • Learning how to push
  • The connection between female ejaculation and the fetal ejection reflex
  • Why the phrase “tight vagina” is a misnomer
  • Why care givers often default to directed pushing during labor
  • Inductions disrupt the natural production of the hormones that create the fetal ejection reflex
  • Learning how to trust ourselves and our instincts; “there’s a lot more that can go right than go wrong.”
  • Deprogramming and reprogramming during pregnancy
  • Why we must fiercely protect our pleasure, our choices for our births, and our sexual health
  • Sex and birth are opportunities to create the healing our planet needs
  • Using sex and birth to self actualize, to become our deepest, truest selves


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