EP5: Keli Garza, aka Steamy Chick, on Vagina Steaming and Radical Women’s Health Care

This podcast is a steamy one. I met Keli at a vagina steaming workshop and was immediately captivated by her wealth of knowledge, background in quantitative analysis, and grassroots approach to women’s health. This podcast is all about vagina steaming, and how it can treat almost every gynecological issue. I know the term “vagina steaming” is not a term many have heard so we will discuss here what it is, how it works, what “the perfect period” actually looks like and my own personal success story with steaming.

About Keli Garza:

Keli, aka Steamy Chick, holds a Masters degree in International Development graduating cum laude. A social science researcher by academic training, Keli has spent the past several years doing women’s health research and has founded a new field of discipline called Peristeam Hydrotherapy. Having recorded over seven hundred peristeam case studies, Keli holds the only known research database of its kind. Keli has worked to develop vaginal steam treatment protocols which are now becoming the industry standard. Her approach is unique in that she tailors treatment based on different menstrual patterns and that she works with an Oriental Medicine Doctor who prescribes specific herbs in the formulas.


In this episode Keli shares:

  • About vaginal steaming
  • Why it’s so effective
  • The multi-cultural development of vaginal steaming
  • Postpartum Care and Steaming
  • Yeast Infections and Steaming
  • Multi-cultural elements of steaming and postpartum care
  • Fertility successes with steaming

What you’ll hear:

  • Her first experience with vaginal steaming
  • Vaginal steaming can treat just about every gynecological disorder (6:00)
  • What a perfect period looks like (8:00)
  • The benefits of steam (11:00)
  • Patterns, treatments and results (16:30)
  • Cross cultural vagina practices (20:00)
  • Postpartum care (28:00)
  • Allow yourself to heal yourself (39:00)
  • Know healthcare rights (45:00)
  • Knowing your body and body empowerment (50:00)
  • Keli shares personal stories about fertility and vaginal steaming (58:00)

Find Keli at www.Steamychick.com

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