EP50: Liz Koch on the Physical and Energetics of the Wild Psoas, Core Integrity, and the Rhythm of Life

What She Shares:

  •      Why she believe the psoas should be considered an organ of perception
  •      How the psoas is connected to our emotional states and our nervous system
  •      How to find resiliency and tone the nervous system through movement and play

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Why the psoas, more than any other structure, is expressive and doesn’t fit in a biomechanical box
  •      How the psoas relates to our sense of safety and full thriving
  •      How a full body orgasm relates to the psoas
  •      Why feeling safe is essential to reaching orgasmic potential
  •      Why cathartic work is not as useful as integration and nourishment
  •      Why it’s important to create space for the psoas rather than trying to stretch it
  •      The psoas should not be classified as a muscle, but rather an organ of perception
  •      How the psoas is like the body’s emotional GPS system
  •      What “Core Integrity” means to Liz and its importance
  •      Why turning towards yourself supports your agency
  •      What are our O-rings and why being acquainted with ALL your sphincters is important for holistic health
  •      How aging and drying are different
  •      A baby follows the mother’s psoas during birth; how chemical intervention during birth can disorient the baby
  •      Valuing birth and women can positively affect health in later life
  •      How our cultures affects our Core Integrity
  •      The biological way of being human and trusting our animal selves
  •      Having a disrupted gut may affect gut feelings and intuition
  •      Rhythm in your life will help to balance the nervous system

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