EP52: Dan Doty on What Men Want, How They Connect, and How to Navigate Sexual Trauma with a Partner

Dan Doty is the founder of Evryman, a father, and a husband. He’s constantly delving into new depths with himself, his wife, and the men in his life. Dan has found incredible liberation through his work helping men connect with each other.


What he shares:

  •      The core mission of Evryman
  •      His ongoing process of opening and exploration, and the feelings that arise
  •      Changes he sees every day in men who develop awareness of others and the self
  •      The power of the simplicity of what he offers
  •      His journey learning to support a partner with a history of sexual trauma

What you’ll hear:

  •      How to effectively invite your partner on your journey of personal growth
  •      Addressing the fear that embracing something deeper or more connective will ‘feminize’ men
  •      The deep importance of recognizing both the external and internal perspective of being human
  •      How learning to be aware can lead to increased satisfaction and fulfillment, and bring connection into life
  •      The importance of slowing down
  •      The powerful experience of being a part of a men’s group and feeling safe
  •      Relational communication skills take practice, and it’s ok to be clumsy when you start
  •      The need for reparative work to have healthy, forward thinking interactions
  •      Learning to trust others and yourself through connection
  •      Supporting a partner with a history of sexual trauma
  •      Working towards cultural healing by stepping out of the paradigm of duality
  •      The ebbs and flows of sexuality
  •      The healing that happened for Dan’s partner after Kimberly’s Jaguar course
  •      Steps to build your own support system
  •      Acknowledging the deep work it takes to have a healthy relationship
  •      The journey into fatherhood requires support and care
  •      The need for physical contact and support, especially when raising children

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