EP62: Jenna Furnari on Ayurvedic Postpartum Care for Long Term Health

Jenna Furnari works as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula in the greater Los Angeles area. She offers phone consultations for families living elsewhere.  Jenna hosts an online course to train other doulas, and also offers in-person trainings on Abhyanga, a grounding and gentle bodywork.

“The first six weeks after birth really are the foundation behind the way she’s going to show up as a human being, as a mother, as a woman.”

“Birth is going to take everything and beyond that out of her. I know that you want to provide this child with every opportunity in the world; and, in order to do that, you and your partner really need to be on the same page at being strong and healthy. In order to get to that really strong and healthy place, she needs to have the care and support to get her there. She’s on going to be able to do it on her own.”

Resources: www.jennafurnari.com

What She Shares:

·      How she became a postpartum-specific Ayurvedic practitioner

·      How her care services are structured

·      How mothers’ experiences differ when they receive Ayurvedic postpartum care

·      Details on both her online and in-person trainings

What You’ll Hear:

·      The importance and specificity of food provided during postpartum care

·      The what and why of postpartum bodywork

·      The timeline of maternal care

·      What she teaches mamas for infant massage

·      Understanding how much work your body is required to perform after birth

·      Creating vitality and resistance to illness during the postpartum

·      Creating mind-body awareness and strength through journaling, proper nutrition, and bodywork

·      The importance of maintaining a connection to Source to be an effective doula

·      Financially prioritizing postpartum care

·      Disseminating information to a mother’s partner and care team in so that she receives the best care possible

·    Balancing vata during the postpartum through warmth, nutrition, rest, and grounding bodywork

·      Building support systems and practical ways to ensure new mothers receive the physiological care they require

·      Prioritizing sleep, food, and proper herbs as an investment to long-term health

·      The power of postpartum care to heal physical and emotional birth trauma

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