EP64: *Forging A Feminine Path Roundtable- Women Speak!

Five women share their stories about what changed for them after taking the Forging a Feminine Path course.
All of the women mention that understanding women’s arousal was groundbreaking for them.
Molly Coeling (pronounced Cooling) was able to claim her sexuality for herself, and claim the essence of who she is, through the course. She also found that the course helped her with communication all over the board — with her mother, with people across party lines.
Amy Daniels talks about how the course helped her land back in her body, and helped her work through shame instead of repressing it. Her capacity for pleasure increased, she was able to slow down and create ritual to create more pleasure in her life and honor her body.

Maggie Gelineau was able to honor her stories, and be able to share herself more fully with her husband. The course strengthened her relationship. She had an amazing OBGYN appt after the women’s arousal class — she was able to have a healing, present and compassionate experience there, where she felt her own agency.

Sarah G talks about how the course informed her work as a pelvic floor PT — she uses the wheel of consent in her work now, as well as informing women of the power of pleasure.
Sarah B shares how she discovered her own self-pleasure and ecstasy with herself through the course. She found the compassion and vulnerability of the group rich and rewarding.

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