EP67: Kendra Cunov on Relating Authentically, Single Motherhood, and the Sacred Masculine

What Kendra Shares:

  •      Her realization that there is no mythical ‘daddy’ figure that she missed out on
  •      The parts of single parenting that work really well for her
  •      The parts of her pregnancies that brought forward wisdom

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Allowing the relationships in your life to be what they are, without searching for perfection
  •      When we relate to others as whole human being with histories, bodies, and experiences, we can approach relationships more fully
  •      Allowing the people in our lives to shine in their strengths
  •      Honoring what you’re really good at, while also expanding into new areas and roles
  •      Examining how to embody our power as women
  •      Holding the role of teacher while also continuing to empower others on their own inner authority
  •      Sometimes opening ourselves to our own inner wisdom takes removing the obligation to follow it
  •      The authentic power that can come from following your inner wisdom rather than social conditioning
  •      Taking your own wellbeing into account when making familial decisions
  •      Finding ways to resource yourself and your parenting
  •      Unshaming your sexuality and showing up for your own pleasure
  •      Embracing humanity in its fullness
  •      Improving your relationship with other genders through strengthening your own healthy masculine and feminine
  • Knowing that you belong

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