EP72: Levina and Caleb on Sex Journaling, The Power of Communication, and Slowing Down for Connection

Summary:.  Levina and Caleb have been journaling together about their sex life for nearly a year. They quickly discovered that creating this intimate and authentic space allowed them to learn more about themselves and each other, both within and outside of sex. They’ve been able to unearth and heal old dynamics, foster curiosity and communication, and continue building an electric sex life.

Resources: https://asexjournal.com 


What They Share:

  •      Their dating history and how they created their sex journal
  •      How journaling allowed them to uncover new knowledge about themselves
  •      How journaling has impacted other couples

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Journaling and documenting in times of joy and connection
  •      Building a space to curious and communicative with both yourself and your partner
  •      Creating space in your partnership for ongoing conversations and evolution
  •      Recognizing that shared experiences can be different for each person
  •      Building a foundation of understanding and communication to enable creativity
  •      Allowing someone else’s experience to not be a personal reflection on you
  •      Assessing what level of safety and trust you may require when deciding to sex journal together
  •      Starting the path of self-discovery wherever you are
  •      Relationships can continue to deepen and grow when there’s genuine connection
  •      Developing great sex by practicing communication
  •      Unearthing and healing relationship dynamics
  •      Delving into the curiosity, learning, and pleasure of sex
  •      Being less busy so that you can connect with both yourself and a potential partner
  •      Prioritizing an erotic component in your life is important for full-life satisfaction
  •      Sex is where we get to step out of urgency and into life-force connection
  •      The importance of engaging in relationship in order to expand self growth
  •      Consciously choosing your languaging around relationship and sex to foster the experience you want
  •      Creating long-term resilience in your sex life through exploration and variety
  •      Finding comfort and joy in all the parts of being human


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