EP73: Katie Silcox of the Shakti School on the Winding Yogini Path- Questioning, Disillusionment, Redefinition and Reclamation

Katie Silcox is a yoga instructor and Ayurveda instructor who studied with world renowned teachers and became disillusioned by some of what she experienced in the yoga world.  Her experiences allowed her to become more discerning and offer her students safety and freedom in their own practice.

What Katie Shares:

  • When the yoga she was doing wasn’t working anymore [9:25]
  • She wanted to break up with yoga the same month she was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal [11:08]
  • How she learned balance the horizontal vs. vertical relationships of teacher to student by holding space and owning leadership [18:25]
  • Yoga as having your worldview superimposed through a yoga practice [22:00]
  • Shakti needs a structure for which to flow [24:00]
  • How to trust your body to naturally go where it wants to be [33:38]
  • Her current form of practice [34:20]
  • What happens when women abdicate power to a male authority [39:06]

What You’ll Hear:

  • First level of Polyvagal theory: belonging and safety vs. herd mentality
  • The Me Too movement in the yoga world
  • “Waking the Tiger” and how somatic experiencing resets the nervous system
  • The stages of Chaos
  • The role of the “core” in yoga and cultural perception
  • Conversation about the cultural and internal patriarch
  • What it looks like to truly inhabit and incarnate our body

Katie is the New York Times Best-Selling author of the book Healthy, Happy, Sexy – Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women and Founder and CEO of Shakti School. Holding a Master’s Degree in the Ayurveda Sciences, Katie is an internationally-recognized teacher, mentor to women and inspirer of hearts and minds.

Together we talk about our paths as young female yoga teachers, how to navigate the yoga world, and what the nervous system has to do with it. 

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