EP74: Steve Hoskinson on Creating Resiliency, Ending Trauma, and Orienting Towards Pleasure

Steve Hoskinson was one of my Somatic Experiencing teachers and has since gone on to found Organic Intelligence. He hosts The End of Trauma podcast and has made democratizing nervous system information his mission.

What Steve Shares:

  •      Seeing our humanness through the map of complexity science
  •      The importance of joy and pleasure in growth
  •      Information on his End of Trauma course
  •      The difference between Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence

What You’ll Hear:

  •      Discerning between ‘natural’ and ‘moral’ in our decision making
  •      Being empowered in your choices through knowledge
  •      Understanding that your physical body may perceive experiences differently than your thinking brain
  •      Respecting your intensity thresholds at any given time
  •      Using Complexity Science to understand the three phases of complex systems, such as our nervous system
  •      The nature of our biology requires us to build resiliency through pleasure and safety
  •      Orienting to your surroundings catalyzes self-organization of the nervous system
  •      Self-growth through the pleasure of engagement, safety, trust, and positive feedback
  •      Recognizing the intelligence already present in your being
  •      Noticing if you’re being driven forward through internal impulses or external pressure
  •      Ending trauma through returning to biological synchrony
  •      SIBAMing your thought process to obtain more insight
  •      Reframing ‘trauma’ as ‘un-integrated resource’ and knowing that your system wants to self-regulate
  •      Increasing your ‘bandwidth’ to comfortably and safely hold more feeling and information
  •      Finding trauma resolution through orienting to pleasure
  •      Our systems grow through orienting to our environments and experiencing pleasure
  •      The nature of humanity is compassion and connection
  •      The importance of understanding systems processes through nature and embodiment
  •      Moving beyond ‘self development’ and finding real growth through pleasure and joy
  •      Moving your attention and awareness to the present moment of your external environment


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