EP86: Ash Robinson on the Intersection Between Motherhood, Business, and Self

Ash Robinson bootstrapped two of her own startups; raised over $12M in funding; sold to a public company right before the recession and consulted with hundreds of business owners and executives- most of whom were women. Ash started a company called Purpose to Profit specifically for women entrepreneurs to more effectively lead sustainable and wealth-creating businesses. Now she consults for non-profits, corporations, and entrepreneurs, especially when they are at critical junctures or need people solutions.

What Ash Shares:

  • Where she got her experience and foundation in business
  • How she navigated business and new motherhood
  • Re-creating business with a model that works for women

What You’ll Hear:

  • Creating safety for freelancers during the fourth trimester
  • Allowing your postpartum experience, without needing it to be ‘perfect’
  • Culturally ingrained postpartum care
  • How providing parental leave supports companies in the long term.
  • Why working with your nervous system is important in building your business
  • Why developing your business from a human-centric model might be what you need
  • Offering your work to the world even when you’ve experienced failure
  • Re-orienting around work after birth
  • Building a career while raising young children
  • Noticing what you want to be acknowledged for
  • Doing better by slowing down
  • Structuring your business to be authentic to yourself
  • Noticed if difficulties arise from a business structure issue or for a personal reason
  • Distinguishing between yourself and your business
  • Determining what you’re good at in your own business
  • Recognizing the resources available within your relationships
  • Expanding women’s power through financial earning

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