EP88: Zhaleh Boyd Phillips on Navigating Trauma, Joy, and Vaginal Steaming as an Empath

Dr. Zhaleh Boyd Philips is an intuitive healer, a Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner, and a co-host of the Hot Steamy Podcast. She’s also a doctor in sociology specializing in human sex trafficking. Zhaleh was the magic behind all of the write-ups and graphics behind the Fourth Trimester Vaginal Steam study and has developed a vaginal steaming course specifically for empaths.

What Zhaleh Shares:

  •     Her personal history with sex trafficking and how it shaped her path
  •     Realizing she couldn’t be in anti-trafficking work forever
  •     Becoming a joy junky
  •     Receiving information from her ancestors and how it’s guided her

What You’ll Hear:

  •     The complexity and difficulties of working with law enforcement
  •     Finding accessible ways to support trafficking victims
  •     How sex trafficking is different in different communities
  •     The need for balance within your interests and time commitments to avoid burnout
  •     Developing tools as an empathy to reclaim your body from other people’s emotions
  •     Safeguarding your health by knowing your own limits
  •     Being in service to yourself as much as you are to other people
  •      Re-connecting with joy and going on a trauma-fast
  •     Vaginal steaming for healing from trafficking, assault, and trauma
  •     How connecting in with the ancestors allowed her to get a fuller picture around clients
  •     Communicating with organs and finding trapped emotions
  •     Receiving sufficient financial exchange for your energetic output
  •     The five dimensions of existing in our physical forms
  •     Finding ways to support yourself beyond your physical body
  •     How caring for an empath differs
  •     Steaming for empaths

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