EP95: Finding Pleasure and Healing Through Food with Sarah Pachelli

What Sarah Shares:

  •     Her own history with an auto-immune disease and how she healed herself through dietary changes
  •     Pleasure as the antidote to stress
  •     Working from her creative center
  •     How to expand your meal repertoire

What You’ll Hear:

  •     How our food cravings are often not what our bodies need
  •     Being attentive to what you might be needing from the foods you crave
  •     Understanding that food allergies are not static
  •     Changing your health by reducing stress
  •     Building in ways to slow down your day
  •     Finding a shopping and cooking system that supports you and your needs
  •     Having flexibility in your diet to support your body’s current needs
  •     Increasing the quality of the foods you eat to reduce inflammatory responses
  •     Understanding that losing weight is not always about exercising more and eating less
  •     Basing your dietary choices on how you feel, not how you look
  •     Why removing sugars is so important for solving health mysteries
  •     Checking in with your diet as you age and change
  •     Why meat consumption can be important for menstruating and postpartum individuals
  •     Cleaning your diet by removing chemicals
  •     Learning more about health effects of alternative sugars common in ‘health’ foods
  •     Finding dietary balance with kids
  •     Using batch cooking to keep your weekly food options open
  •     Understanding how some cravings show you where you may be deficient
  •     Using cleansing properly
  •     Thinking of food as nourishment rather than numbers and nutrition
  •     Making decisions from wanting to feel good not necessarily to feel good
  •     Accepting and enjoying your body

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