EP99: Katie Friedman on Understanding Whiteness & the Relationship between Personal and Collective Healing

What She Shares:

  • The historical foundations of the consolidation of whiteness

  • Collective Healing vs. Personal Healing– How Are They Related– are they automatic?

  • The timeline of the emergence of the new wave of identity politics and its impact

What You’ll Hear:

  • The role of collective and individual healing in race relations

  • Beginning of “whiteness” as a concept

  • How whiteness has manifested into what is seen throughout the world today

  • Societal role of immigrants within early America

  • How other groups view whiteness

  • Acknowledging white privilege

  • Differentiating between white guilt and white privilege, and how to use it for change

  • Understanding why identity politics are so strong today

  • The role of white people within minority studies

  • How to turn understanding and solidarity into change

  • How racism is institutionalized and indoctrinated

  • The power shift of White = Good to White = Bad


How Jews Became White Folks by Karen Brodkin Sacks

The Possessive Investment in Whiteness by George Lipsitz

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